Kelch Industrial Line

Presetter H3 - Horizontal measuring

Tool measurement

User-friendly operation based on manual and / or CNC controlled measurement. Fast, simple and efficient tool measurement with comprehensive tool setting software. Fast, simple and efficient tool measurement with comprehensive software.


In the MyXPert® database, an item is always viewed from two sides, logistically and technically. This extended view supports technicians and simplifies logistical processes.

Tool identification

Our unique 2D code structure makes tedious searching a thing of the past. With the help of the 2D code, we accelerate your production processes and increase your efficiency.

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Tool cycle

  1. Tool assembly according to MyXPert database template
  2. The 2D.ID code is scanned at the presetting device H3.
  3. Target data appears automatically on the kelch presetting device
  4. Saving the measured values in the database
  5. Transaction data is stored in the history (tracking)
  6. Writing the technology data directly into the controller
  7. After the service life has expired, the process starts again

Simple, fast and precise measurement with the Industrial Line H3 presetting device


Vertical presetter H3 - Request and order!

Time saving

High time savings in set-up and process times
from the very first application.


2D Code

Through scanning and direct
Database connection will be input errors

presetter h3 - vertical measurement - intelligent software

Axes setting

Fine adjustment in both axes for μm-accuracy of the X and Z directions.

Table equipment

Variable table equipment with
Tool holder and spindle.


In the appropriate software, the
DIN/ISO structure applied.

Example structure

with three tool holders and
of a CNC spindle.

No conversion

Thanks to the control system, the binary
codes can be controlled directly.


The quick-action axis adjustment enables
ergonomic working.

Adapter management

Thanks to the MyXPert database management, all adapter values are stored in the system.

Simple presetter H3 - Horizontal

Bring out the best in yourself and your business.


  • Horizontal measurement
  • Measuring length X (ø) 400mm
  • Measuring length Z 300mm
  • Weight 475kg
  • 1.784 x 886 x 1.570mm
  • Software Easy-2D.ID Set
  • Material nodular cast iron
  • Inkl. TUL Rack V


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